BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France) agrees to provide 1500 books to Wikisource

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here's an article in French from a few days ago, detailing an agreement between BNF and the French Wikisource whereby they will be provided 1500 books to put online. Wikisource already has 56,000 books in total, so typing up and uploading an extra 1500 shouldn't be a problem..though it will take some time. The article notes that using automatic machine recognition isn't a good idea with texts this old, as they are usually full of errors to the extent that simply typing them up from scratch is a faster process.

The list of books provided is here. Some titles that might be interesting:

  • La langue française depuis les origines jusqu'à la fin du XIe siècle.
  • Défense du paganisme par l'empereur Julien, en grec et en françois
  • La religion védique d’après les hymnes du Rig-veda
  • La science expérimentale
  • Réforme ou révolution ? Les lunettes anglaises. Le but final.
  • Journal d’un voyageur pendant la guerre.

See anything else interesting?

The first 50 books to be uploaded are here.

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