Asteroid 2010 GA6 to pass within 360,000 km of the Earth tomorrow

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Remember this post from two weeks back? At the time it looked like we weren't in for any interesting near-Earth approaches by asteroids in the near future, but I noted that they are often capable of sneaking up on us just a few days before passing by. Well, it turns out that an asteroid called 2010 GA6 was discovered a few days ago and will be making its closest approach tomorrow, at a distance just a bit closer than that from Earth to the Moon.

The asteroid has a diameter of 17 - 38 m, so if it had been on a collision course for us it could have caused some damage. Chances are of course that it would have plunged into the ocean (and if not then an uninhabited part of Russia or Canada), but it still would have been quite a scare.

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