Learning Turkish through Euronews: large strikes across Greece

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I noted when Euronews in Turkish first started that the articles and dialogue in the videos nearly matched up, but still differed in places. Today it occurred to me that it would be easy to simply listen to a video and note the differences between the two for those studying Turkish that naturally want the dialogue and the text to match up. So here are the differences between the text and dialogue from this piece of news from today about strikes occurring across Greece. You'll notice that almost 100% of the time the differences between the two will just involve using a different word to mean pretty much the same thing. Basit and kolay, for example.

krize karşı açıkladığı önlemleri -- krize karşı açıkladığı tasarruf önlemlerini

farklı düşüncelere sahip -- farklı bakış açıslarını sergiliyor

basit gerçekleşmiyor -- kolay gerçekleşmiyor

ödemeliyiz -- ödüyoruz

The video also includes the following sentence at the end that isn't in the script:

Yirmidört şubatta genel greve gitmek istiyor.

Considering how easy this is to do I'll probably end up doing these fairly often.


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