Results of Page F30 reader poll on which subjects you most enjoy

Monday, January 04, 2010

It's time to take down the poll on the right so here are the results of the most recent poll (conducted 12 to 19 December) for posterity. There really aren't any surprises here as the subjects most written on here are the most popular, while those that are less frequent not quite as much.

Which subjects do you most enjoy reading on Page F30? (pick as many as you like)
Geopolitics (Turkey, Iran, etc.)
  16 (28%)

Other politics (USA, Canada, etc.) and economy
  11 (19%)

"Natural" languages, languages and language learning in general
  45 (80%)

Constructed languages / IALs
  31 (55%)

  21 (37%)

Science, Technology, Environment
  17 (30%)

Music, games, etc.
  8 (14%)

Cats, random posts
  13 (23%)

Other not included in the list
  3 (5%)

Votes so far: 56
Poll closed


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