Brezhoneg bemdez (Breton every day) begins broadcasting on Tebeo in Brest, France

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Found this here in French on a new program aimed at teaching Breton in the city of Brest, France. The program is designed and presented by journalist Lionel Buannic. Here's a summary of the article:

This evening the channel Tébéo begins a new program called "Brezhoneg bemdez" (Breton every day or Du breton tous les jours), aimed at those that don't speak Breton but would like to learn a few words in the language. Brezhoneg bemdez is a series of 52 episodes of one to two minutes each. The first 26 episodes, in French, are especially for those that do not want to learn the language but would like to know words from the language heard every day, like kenavo (goodbye), how to say hello, happy birthday or bikini in Breton. The other 26 episodes are in Breton with French subtitles, which are aimed at those that have Breton as a mother tongue but have not been able to learn it at school and would like a better lexical and grammatical understanding. The program will also be available starting in September on the site, and until then it can be seen on Tébéo from Monday to Saturday at 19:30 and repeated the next day at 12:30.


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