New site with news on Afghanistan in Persian, Turkish and English

Sunday, December 06, 2009

An article here in Turkish tells of a new trilingual site on Afghanistan, the only portal (according to the article) on the country in Turkish.
Khaliurrahman Salahshoor, a graduate student at the Radio, Television and Cinema department at the Faculty of Communications in Ege University, has set up an internet news portal providing a bridge between Turkey and Afghanistan.

Salahshoor is a 26-year-old Afghan student who has lived in Turkey for seven years, and said that Afghans hold Turkey in great esteem. He said that the site aims to inform Afghans about developments in Turkey, and that "I originally set up the site for my own professional development, and as time went on it began to create an interaction between people of different countries. My greatest goal for the site is to have it in different languages in order to reach more people."
 Here is the site in Persian, Turkish, and English.


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