Turkish contractors involved in 70% of large projects in Kazakhstan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An article here in Turkish has a  good amount of information on projects undertaken in Kazakhstan by companies based in Turkey, which is a particularly interesting subject as Turkey has a large interest in Central Asia and other parts of the world where Turkic peoples live. One group that has been around for a while is the Türk Dili Konuşan Ülkeler Zirvesi (Summit of Turkic Language Speaking Countries) which has among its goals the development of a common alphabet (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan changing to the Latin alphabet is most important here) and the preparation of a dictionary encompassing all the Turkish dialects (note that it uses the word lehçe meaning dialect and not dil for language). Apparently Uzbekistan is often the most irritated by this Pan-Turkism but other countries seem to be interested in the advantages cooperation with Turkey offers.

Here's what the article has on cooperation between Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Since immediately after achieving independence in Kazakhstan, Turkish contractor firms have been involved in a total of about 285 projects worth $8 billion in the country in the capital of Astana and elsewhere.

About 70% of the projects in the capital of Astana have been carried out with Turkish contractor companies, including such icons of the city as the Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre, the Pyramid of Peace, the Palace of Independence, and Astana Stadium.

Some other projects supplemented by Turkish contracting firms in Kazakhstan include Astana International Airport, the Parliament Building, the Presidential Residence, Regent Ankara Hotel, Okan Intercontinental Astana, the Child Rehabilitation Centre, National Museum, the State Guesthouse, Ahmet Yesevi University, Astana Twin Towers, GSM Telecommunications Infrastructure, and the Kazakstan part of the Tengiz-Novorossisk Pipeline.

The work done on projects in Astana and Kazakhstan isn't limited to these projects either, but also includes the following under construction: the Astana Trade Centre, the Medeu-Chimbulak cable car construction and assembly, the Almaty-Bishkek Regional Road Rehabilitation Project, Astana Science and Education Complex, Kaz Nu University Central Education Building, a sport salon, a 250-room dormitory building, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Astana, and the Almaty Financial District's Kazkommertsbank building.

These projects undertaken by Turkish contracting firms have been a new opportunity for Turkish workers, and a total of 35,000 personnel from Turkey have made their way to Kazakhstan to work on projects within the country.


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