Angela Merkel's speech to both houses of Congress with full text in German

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Angela Merkel made her anticipated speech to Congress yesterday. It was drowned out quite a bit by the byelections held on the same day but still made the news. Since the speech was given in German, students of German may be interested in watching the speech and following along with the text. The text is available here...but just about every video seems to be taken directly from CSpan and thus dubbed into English. Deutsche Welle only has it dubbed into English, so does, and so does every other site I've sifted through except for this one partial video on YouTube recorded at extremely low volume. In the meantime English dubbing + some German that sneaks through + German text is still useful enough for students of the language so I'll post this anyway, but will keep looking for a video of the complete speech in the original German.

Edit: weird, it turns out the Deutsche Welle video was only dubbed in English until 2:15 after which it shuts off, and the video has changed into one with a German translation of the English translated from the original German for the first few minutes until it finally reverts to the original German. Good enough, I suppose.


Scott said...

Hmmm... Both the Deutsche Welle link you posted and the one have it untranslated. The DW one does start with the translated audio but it sounds like it is switched off a few minutes into things.

Me said...

Thanks for the heads up. Pretty weird to have a video that starts out in English and then changes into German in the middle.

Anonymous said...

full speech is here:

Anonymous said...

full speech is here:

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