18 September 2009 (27 Shahrivar 1388): Protests return to Tehran. Big thank you to Mohsen Sazegara.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Protests have returned to the streets of Tehran, and Ahmadinejad changes the subject to the Holocaust, calling it a myth again. This has actually been quite a long time in coming, and pretty much every video over the past two weeks or so by Mohsen Sazegara has been about preparing for this. He has been keeping up the video updates every single day, and you can see them (in Persian) here. Here's one as an example from a few days back.

He even kept up the daily videos when he had to take a flight from New York to Washington and couldn't be at home:

So he definitely deserves a big thank you for his work in corresponding with people online (since he lives in exile in the US) and going over and over again how to conduct the protest, taking pictures and videos for proof, etc. etc.

As for the protesters themselves, they apparently number in the tens of thousands or 100,000+. Here's one of the latest videos.


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