Linguistic policy by country throughout the world

Monday, August 24, 2009

I've yet to see a page that includes each and every country throughout the world but this page from Today's Zaman (English version of a Turkish newspaper) has some information on linguistic policy in the United States, Germany, Algeria, Armenia, Estonia, Finland, France, India, Ireland, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia, so it might be worth bookmarking. One interesting country there is Latvia, as apparently as a result of their linguistic policy the language is now spoken by a large population as a second language, much larger than one would expect from a language with such a small population. Ireland might be able to do that with Irish though of course that would be different in that Latvian has been learned by a lot of Russians since independence whereas Ireland would be a relearning of the language by the ethnic group that historically used it as a mother tongue.

You can tell that this list was taken from one written in Turkish given the alphabetical order: USA is ABD (Amerika Birleşik Devletleri), Germany is Almanya, and Canada is Kanada.


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