August 2009: More possible troubles for Ahmadinejad with the coming of Ramadan

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The National Iranian-American Council blog has a post here on a possibly taxing Ramadan for Ahmadinejad's government, as this is traditionally a time of gathering at night. The dilemma for them is always how to keep people from protesting while still appearing to be an Islamic government, especially considering that they were very eager to encourage people to gather on these religious days before the election.

In a similar vein they also kept people from gathering a few days ago at a football/soccer stadium for fear of protests, resulting in an empty stadium for the game - something else that goes against the character this government wishes to protect as a supporter of football as well. The only oratorical defense they seem to have against this is that it's the fault of foreign governments.

That begs the question: how incompetent does a government have to be when a simple football game cannot be organized thanks to foreign interference? The problem with blaming an enemy for everything is that the natural conclusion it leads to is that of gross incompetence.

Here's a video from today telling Revolutionary Guards that Khamenei is not their leader, among other things. Nice and slow for students learning Persian too. Also note how the long a (â) has a kind of "auw" sound here.


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