Google digitalizes 35,000 copyright-free books in the Catalan language

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From an article in Spanish here. Google has digitalized 35,000 books from the Library of Catalunia, a project that began in 2007. All the books are free of copyright and can be seen at Most of these books are from the 19th century. It looks like the plan is to upload a total of 100,000 books from the library, and then go on to four other libraries in Catalunia that have agreed to participate.

According to the article, thanks to initiatives like this one Catalan has an online presence beyond its demographic weight, and Catalan is the 14th most used language on Google Books. I should also mention that the Wikipedia in Catalan is now near the top in terms of article quality.

You can also read a discussion on the article from Meneame (where I found it) here.


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