Which languages do Korean students study besides English?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A survey here has the answers.

Info from the article:

The survey was carried out on 1,101 elementary and jr. high (middle school students) on languages other than English. Four in ten (439) of these students said they were studying another language besides English, and 60% (662) said they weren't. When asked which language they would most like to study besides English, 42% said they preferred Japanese, 28% said Chinese, 11% chose French, 10% chose Spanish, and 9% chose German. This 42% that preferred Japanese includes both elementary and junior high students; when looking at elementary students alone 36% preferred Japanese while 53% of junior high students preferred Japanese, so that number shoots up after elementary.
The reason for that is pretty simple: junior high students are overworked (Japanese is easier) and slightly more career-oriented (Japan's right next door).


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