Protests and developments two days after the election in Iran

Sunday, June 14, 2009

See more images here.

This post will be continually updated throughout the day as events warrant.

Let's start with a comment here. One would think that a landslide victory would be cause for huge celebrations in the streets.

Andrew Sullivan is also keeping track of developments after the election.

MSM (mainstream media) coverage of developments after the election sucks (also here)

There's another good blog here keeping track of developments.

Another video of the protests here

Mousavi's Twitter account reports in English (every once in a while they do that) that yes, he has been placed under house arrest. 1388 corresponds to 2009, by the way. The message just before (in Persian) says:
"Mir-Hossein Mousavi has not left the people alone but due to the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic he is under house arrest and has no contact with the outside."

A late night protest in Shiraz:

Shiraz is located here, in the southwest part of the country.

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Another late night protest here. That's an Iran Telephone sign in the background.

This link also notes unconfirmed reports that the real numbers were 45.54% for Mousavi, 31.95% for Karroubi, 13.6% for Ahmadinejad and 8.91% for Rezaei. I noticed that on Twitter last night in Persian but wasn't sure where the numbers had come from.

Keep an eye on this poster from DailyKos as he has been translating a lot of material directly from Persian to everyone's benefit. has this title:
saying (I think) that someone from the State Ministry has data that the true numbers are 19 million for Mousavi, 7 million for Ahmadinejad, 8 million for Karroubi.

Another huge demonstration in the street from yesterday. The word for freedom they're chanting is âzâdi (آزادی). â is a long a, like fâther instead of the short a in dad.

Ben Smith from Politico has also noted just how much more information there is on Twitter than anywhere else at the moment.

A report from BBC last night. A secret policeman tries to stop the filming after 2:00 and gets driven away by the crowd.

#CNNFail (basically shaming CNN into reporting on the events) is now a trending topic on Twitter, as CNN's coverage of the events after the election has been almost nonexistent.

Right now four out of ten trending topics on Twitter are about Iran (including #CNNFail there)

Keep an eye on this Twitter account.

A video here from the New York Times has a good rundown of the suspicious elements in the election.

I'm seeing reports of protests arranged for 5 pm today throughout the country, as that's when Ahmadinejad will be holding his celebration. Not just Tehran but also Shiraz, Esfahan, Urmia, Ardabil, etc., etc.

It seems that cell phone service is back (edit after comment below: maybe not), and protests are planned for 12:30.

Shots have just been fired in Tehran, video doesn't show who did it or what the result was.

A music video has already been made.

This tweet written in Persian (don't know where the source comes from) says that Mousavi said that he doesn't want the current movement to be blind; the people should gather in one area all together.

This tweet in Persian comments on just how fast the English tweets on the election are going.

Right now just about every tweet in Persian with the term Mousavi (موسوی) is talking about the 12:30 protest. So is this one.

Twitter in English is really tense right now with some saying that the 12:30 (that's one hour from now) meetings are a trap and others are saying that this is a rumour being spread to keep the protests from getting out of hand. I can't confirm either one.

I just found a video from yesterday that says it's from Tabriz. That's the city in the northwest where Azeris live (Mousavi is also Azeri).

Another diary on DailyKos here has some reports that Mousavi supporters have taken some police buildings, blocked highways into Tehran, etc.

Edit 0733 GMT: I have to go to the temple now to feed my cats, so no updates for a few hours. Keep an eye on this Twitter account as well. Oh, and this one (German, automatically translated into English here).

Edit three hours later: I'm back and the cats are now full, but this post has gotten quite long so I'll be continuing to follow events on this post.


R.W. said...

I don't know about the cell service being back.

From twitter: Change_for_Iran still no working cellphones here and wireless speed is awful #iranelection

BTW, thanks for this coverage. It's been eye-opening with all the links/videos you've been linking too. Way better than the huge MSM/CNN fail of the past day or two.

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