Iran after the elections: 29 June - part 2

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's 9 pm in Iran right now.

Ahmadinejad today ordered an investigation into Neda's death, showing just how powerful an image she has become. The government first adopted a tactic of trying to keep the story as quiet as possible, but over the past few days has begun to attempt to portray her death as being at the hands of foreign forces, and this investigation is a part of this. References to OJ are prevalent as Ahmadinejad looks for the "real killer".

A few articles have been pointing out the expanded role of the Revolutionary Guard and the resulting increased influence, including in the economy itself. Note though that Rezaei was the leader of the Revolutionary Guard and still ended up in fourth place, so their influence certainly does not extend without limit. Press TV for example only covered the debates that Ahmadinejad participated in, so Rezaei + Mousavi and Rezaei + Karroubi didn't even get shown by them. is holding a fundraiser to provide Iranians with bandwidth and technical resources in order to keep information flowing. One interesting development as a result of this election has been that both those from the so-called right and left agree on the election in Iran (but differ widely on what should be done). Before this election there was a tendency by some to defend Ahmadinejad and his statements, but since June this has completely evaporated and Ahmadinejad has lost pretty much all the goodwill he ever had in the West.

We're now being told that the Iranian footballers who wore green have not been punished. I wonder if this is another example of the moderating influence of the internet that Google's CEO cited the other day.


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