Iran after the elections: 27 June

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This video isn't recent news (this video is from the 16th of June), but what's recent about it are the English subtitles. It's a speech by MP Alikhani in the Majlis (Parliament) on that day in support of Mousavi. Note that the date below is 26 Khordad 1388, a number which has caused much confusion by those watching the video but it's simply the calendar used in Iran.

We're being told that the cries from the rooftops haven't decreased in intensity at all.

One other bit of news from yesterday was about the Guardian Council's offer to recount 10% of the votes, which seems to be different from the last offer to recount 10% in that this one would be done in the presence of "media"; not sure what sort of media though. Most likely another empty gesture though, because as Foreign Policy notes the ballot boxes have been out of sight and under government control since the day of the election (June 12) so there is no guarantee whatsoever that they haven't been / aren't being tampered with.

This is perhaps what will keep the current situation going in the near future, since 1) the issue now is Khamenei and Iran's governmental system itself, and 2) with the complete lack of transparency there really isn't anything the government can offer the opposition that won't be taken with a great deal of suspicion.


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