Iran after the elections: 18 June 2009 - part 2

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hi - if you're here due to a Twitter update, check the bottom of the post.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day as events warrant.

Some might have wondered what this sign says.

It says "He (or she or it) killed my brother because he asked "Where is my vote?""

It's almost 3 pm in Iran now.

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet has this on the front page today.

İran'ı karıştıran iddia means "the claim that shook up Iran", and İşte gerçek seçim sonucu means "here's the real result of the election", and follows up with 5.6 million for Ahmadinejad (Ahmedinejad) and 19 million for Mousavi (Musevi). Oy means vote. The article in Turkish can be seen here.

Just after 3 pm: tweets in Persian are quoting the Kalemeh newspaper (link here) as saying that Mousavi supporters will gather only in Khomeini Square today. It's in English here too (that's Mousavi1388 from Twitter). Starts at 4.

Interesting op-ed from Nicholas Kristof on how Chinese technology is helping the opposition in Iran.

All right, here come the new videos from the demonstrations today (it's just past 6 pm in Tehran now). You can see them all here, and here are a few.

One of the signs in this one says "we're people, not gangsters".

0:36 here says "where is my vote?"

Many of the signs here have Mir-Hossein Mousavi's name.

I see a request has been sent out by the Mousavi camp to subtitle this video in English. Don't worry - Twitter is going crazy with this request (it was put up on the Huffington Post, after all) and so it should be completed rather soon.

A short video of yesterday's Iranian protesters in Korea (this was just before the football/soccer game) has just been put up.

One source for the Guardian here estimates today's number at over a million. There's also an interesting note there saying that Rezaei has gotten people who voted for him to send in their ID numbers and so far he has gathered 200,000 more than his official vote tally. Though he's nowhere close to having won it's nice to have him miffed at the results as well. During the election campaign he came across as much less provocative than Ahmadinejad and had some pretty good ideas, especially the one about creation a multinational consortium that Iran would hold a majority of for its nuclear power, which would vastly improve transparency (since stockholders would be keeping track of what's going on and wouldn't tolerate anything but pure nuclear energy for peaceful purposes).

Tabriz has closed the bazaar today in support of Mousavi and those killed so far. Lots of info in both English and Persian saying that now on Twitter.

Just did a search for info in Shiraz and found this:

It says (95% sure I've read it correctly) that army forces and Basij were called in for some trumped-up reason but the army is standing with the people and isn't doing anything to them.

A tweet in Persian from 20 minutes ago (that would make it 8:00 pm in Iran):
It says "hundreds of thousands of people are now gathering in Imam Khomeini Square in Tehran".

Mousavi and his wife are there too. A Twitter post in Persian says that the roses are there to show solidarity with those that have been killed.

The Huffington Post has a quick translation of some of Mousavi's speech.

Check it out, even Ferdowsi (the 10th-century Persian poet who wrote the national epic Shahnameh) is going green.

The Lede has an image here showing approximately a bazillion people at today's rally.

Daily Kos also has a really interesting diary from an Iranian-American here, involving some discussions with his dad who was in Iran on vacation until yesterday.

It's past 3:30 am here in Korea so time for sleep; more in a new post tomorrow.


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this file show ideology and motivation behind the election

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