A detailed look at the Mini-e (the electric Mini Cooper)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Now that the Mini-e is being shipped out to its first customers (who are using it on a 1-year trial) we're starting to see a lot of first-hand accounts of what it's like to drive the vehicle, and the most detailed one I've seen so far is here. It's a review approaching 20 pages in length that gives you about as good an idea of what it's like to drive the vehicle as you can get without actually getting in it yourself.

The Mini Cooper is actually one of my favourite vehicles and it's quite popular here in Korea, so I'm really hoping for a large success for the Mini-e so that we can eventually see it here in Seoul and other areas as well.

Here's the Mini Cooper dealership in Seoul.

And two videos from the site showing what it's like to drive the Mini-e:

One big reason I'm looking forward to more electric vehicles here in Seoul is because of this:

In the summer when traffic is bad you get a pretty vile combination of regular summer heat wafting up from the asphalt combined with a cloud of heat and smog created by idling cars as they pitifully try to make their way through jammed intersections like this one. Replace these cars with electric vehicles and weaving one's way through the maze of cars at an intersection might just be bearable.


Anonymous said...

Would the South Korean government build railroads and streetcar lines as a cheap, clean, and efficient alternative to cars. I cannot imagine North Korea wanting to adopt a "car culture" when it someday unifies with South Korea to become one country.

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