Persian looks way better in Chrome than in Firefox

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So I just downloaded the new Chrome beta and was trying it out, when I went to BBC Persian and noticed that all of a sudden the text was super legible. Usually when practicing typing or reading in Persian I'll increase the font size by a fair margin since I'm still learning the language and don't feel like squinting as I try to figure out what various words mean, but with the way it looks on Chrome I don't even need to. Take a look at the two for comparison:

(Chrome is on top, Firefox at the bottom)

And since that's a bit hard to make out without clicking on the image for a closeup, here's one part in greater detail:

The display in Firefox is especially bad for the dots below the letters (یک is one example) because there they just kind of fade out and are hard to see, whereas on Chrome they become thicker and more solid. In handwriting the dots join together anyway so this looks very natural.

The overall impression between Firefox and Chrome here is as if someone had suddenly switched to a new pen after using one that was running out of ink for the past few weeks.


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