Resident of Batman lays the smackdown on the mayor of Batman

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The city of Batman.

Remember this from last year?
The major [sic] of Batman, the small city in South-East Turkey, announced its intention to sue Warner Bros. for its Batman movie franchise. According to press reports in Turkish dailies, the major Huseyin Kalkan has said that they are preparing to sue the producer of the Batman film, who is claimed to make money by using the towns name, and has that they are investigating on the matter whether the case should be opened in the US or in Turkey..."If we win compensation, we will see in court how much of the revenues it will be. We expect our share from the revenues. If we win the case, we will use all the rights we won for service to the Batman people and to the street children there."
Well, it turns out that the mayor of Batman is completely wrong about this, as a resident of Batman writes in Turkish in the comments section of an article here.

My translation:
As a resident of Batman I'm sorry that we have a mayor that doesn't know about the history of Batman.

What an idiotic polemic. There's a difference of a number of years between the founding of Batman and the birth of the character Batman. The character Bat-Man created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger was first published in May 1939 in a magazine from a series of various comic books. When it achieved a fair amount of sales it went on the market in 1940 as a comic book under his own name. At the time there was no city called Batman; it was a township called İluh and the name Batman (for the region) began to be used in the 1950s.

So there it is, case closed. Residents of Batman: 1, Mayor of Batman: 0. Wikipedia backs this up too:
1957'de Beşiri'nin bucağı olan İluh, Batman adıyla ilçe yapıldı.
Translation: "İluh, a township in Beşiri, was made into a district in 1957 under the name of Batman."


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