Mayor of Gimli (Manitoba, Canada) Tammy Axelsson may visit Iceland on mission

Monday, February 23, 2009

Þú hefur fylgt tengli á síðu sem ekki er til. <-- A fair amount of interest in immigrating to Manitoba but still no page on the province in the Icelandic Wikipedia. (Short pages exist on Gimli and Winnipeg though)

Here's the latest (2 days ago) article on the story regarding Icelandic immigrants moving to Gimli (and other nearby places in Manitoba I assume) for work due to the large Icelandic community there. This is a provincial mission that is working with Iceland to set up a system whereby Iceland and Manitoba can work together to bring in skilled immigrants as efficiently as possible.

Gimli Mayor Tammy Axelsson has been invited by the province to join a mission to Iceland set for March 3-4. The mission is a response to an invitation from the Icelandic Government to meet to discuss streamlining the emigration process for Icelanders looking to work abroad. Economic turmoil touched off by the collapse of Iceland’s major banks has ignited riots in the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.

“I said I would participate if it would be of benefit to our economy,” Axelsson said Wednesday.


International media coverage of Iceland’s economic woes led to talk of emigration to Canada. Gimli figured prominently. Gimli is home to many Icelandic Canadians. Axelsson has been fielding calls and e-mails from Icelanders looking to improve their lot. Gimli is a natural choice because it was settled by Icelandic pioneers who arrived on Gimli’s shores Oct. 21, 1875.

Axelsson says “there’s been a real interest in Gimli.” It’s coming from information technology people, nurses, chefs, teachers and other professionals, she said.


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