Wikipedia application for Lingua Franca Nova rejected

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happened four days ago, after over a year of being in limbo (application was September 2007); proof that the internet isn't always faster than real life. Some links:

So what will happen now? Lingua Franca Nova will continue to work on its own wiki, and perhaps one day after some conferences in the language are arranged to show the language in action it will be able to apply once again. What would serve the language most in the near future is a series of mp3 files or (even better) videos, showing people speaking in the language. Not just reading out lines, but actually just hanging out and using the language at a coffee shop or somewhere.

My guess is that this will happen in about two years. One more year of hammering out the language and fine-tuning the vocabulary, and then developing whatever resources are needed after that to convince others that LFN is a real language.


Unknown said...

It is a pity that the LFN Wikipedia proposal was rejected.

By the way, what is the requirement that causes the rejection of the LFN Wikipedia but does not cause the rejection of the Occidental language Wikipedia?

(I have nothing against the existence of the Occidental Wikipedia, it is just that LFN currently seems to have about the same activity and online presence as Occidental.)

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