Latin reintroduced to Trowse Primary School in Norfolk to aid overall learning

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Norfolcia est regio Angliae et Angliae orientalis. <-- not much info on Norfolk in the Latin Wikipedia.

I'm not sure if this school introduced the idea simply in order to broaden the students' skills overall, or whether they reintroduced the language and then noticed it as a side effect. It seems to be the former though:
Head teacher Sandra Barker, said: “We use a text book which takes real-life situations and puts them in cartoon form so the children can easily understand the Latin. It is going marvellously well so far.

“The idea came about because we had some children who were really talented in English and Maths and we decided learning Latin would help broaden their learning even more.”

The project has now been going at the school for two terms, and the children studying Latin will do so for a year.

But Ms Barker said everyone will get the chance to experience Latin.

She said: “We are going to make sure all year six pupils in the school get the chance to look at the Latin we are doing, so everyone gets a chance to be involved.

“We are really pleased with how the project is going so far, our aim is to improve their thinking and their English and spelling skills.”

That's one definite advantage Latin has over constructed IALs. It might be in the best interests of a language like Interlingua to put some funds down for a real study on the benefits of learning the language on something like SAT scores and learning other languages, because people seem to be really taken with that.


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