Fragments of Alberta 10-ton space rock found

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Interesting to think that until last week this rock right here had spent its entire life in space, and now all of a sudden it's here with us. Image source

Good news, some meteorite fragments were found:

University of Calgary researchers say they have found fragments from the 10-tonne space rock that caused a late-night light show near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border last week.

In a written statement, planetary scientist Alan Hildebrand and graduate student Ellen Milley said they found meteorite fragments in a rural area near the border town of Lloydminster, Alta., late Thursday.

They are currently searching the area to collect additional fragments, which they believe are strewn across a 20-square-kilometre area near the Battle River.

If you missed the video of the meteor coming down when it still weighed about 10 tons, here it is:


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