Preconditions for conducting the Tridentine (Latin) mass

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Camera Basilicae Sancti Petri

There's a post here (that seems to be from a newsletter in August) from a few days ago that I just found on a blog run by a Catholic priest in Ohio that explains in fairly simple terms what the Summorum Pontificum is about and what it takes to be able to conduct the Tridentine Mass once again, so it's definitely worth a read. Here's one paragraph from the post about what the priest needs to know:
With these words, we are reminded that, in the churches and chapels of this diocese, the observance of liturgical norms cannot be arbitrary. If Mass is to be celebrated according to the extraordinary form, it must be celebrated by a priest who has the minimum rubrical knowledge of the Mass as it was celebrated before the Second Vatican Council and minimum linguistic ability to reverently and precisely recite the prayers of the Mass in the Latin language. In such instances, too, the congregation must participate in the Mass by observing all the liturgical norms and using prayer books that translate the prayers and rubrics for them.


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