Radio Interlingua to return / Radio Interlingua retorna

Monday, August 18, 2008 has a few pieces of news from yesterday, one of which is about the return of Radio Interlingua:

(English translation is mine)

Emissiones in interlingua tosto pote esser ascoltate – o discargate pro le sonator MP3 - quando Radio Interlingua reappare ci in intra breve.
Broadcasts in Interlingua will soon be able to be heard - or downloaded by MP3 player - when Radio Interlingua soon reappears here in

Assi on vermente pote audir como interlingua es un lingua in plen flor e multo vivente, nam multe personas va contribuer al programmas, e il habera multe interviews.

One can really hear how Interlingua is a language in full bloom and very living, as many people will contribute to the programs, and there will be many interviews.

Le plano es facer nove emissiones cata mense. Cata programma essera de 10-15 minutas e va continer i.a. novas de interlingua, novas del mundo, interviews con personas active in interlingua etc.

The plan is to create new broadcasts every month. Each program will be between 10 and 15 minutes and will contain Interlingua news, news from the world, interviews with people active in Interlingua, etc.

"Le radio ha duo scopos: 1) informar interlinguistas e diverter los e 2) presentar interlingua como un lingua vivente pro homines extra le movimento," narra Péter Kovács (Hungaria), qui es le nove redactor de Radio Interlingua que originalmente poteva esser ascoltate durante 1997-1998.

"The radio has two goals: 1) inform and intertain Interlinguists, and 2) to present Interlingua as a living language for people outside the movement," says Péter Kovács (Hungary), who is the new editor of Radio Interlingua which originally was able to be heard in between 1997 and 1998.

Emissiones ancian de Radio Interlingua pote sempre esser audite o discargate pro su sonator MP3.

Old broadcasts of Radio Interlingua can always be heard or downloaded through your MP3 player.

Plus de informationes va apparer ci in tosto.

More information will appear soon here on

Looks good to me. If it was once a week I would have doubts that it could continue for very long but once a month is a very doable goal. Since monthly broadcasts won't be very useful in current affairs, I'd suggest that any stories about current events have just a bit of current events and much more background. A story on the war in South Ossetia / Georgia right now for example should have a bit on the current situation, and then much more information on the overall situation in the Caucasus and how things got to be the way they are.

Péter Kovács has a blog in Interlingua, by the way. Here it is.


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