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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Le copertura del documento Responsible Plan (Un plano responsabile)
Le copertura del documento Responsible Plan (Un plano responsabile) / The cover of the Responsible Plan document

More translation of articles going on the front page of Wikipedia into Interlingua in an attempt to get more attention paid to IALs. This article is about a plan supported by a number of politicians, experts and military officers to end the war in Iraq. You'll notice in a few parts that I haven't been able to find the right word and have kind of ad-libbed the translation there. Perhaps you can find them. In any case, the point is to get attention paid to IALs by those that don't know them, and a few ad-libbed parts here and there won't make any difference on that front.

It's been six hours since the did you know... section was updated, so it should be going up on the front page pretty soon now...ah, looks like it just went up.

Here it is:

English Interlingua

A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq is a 36-page plan created by a group of United States Democratic congressional candidates, retired military officers and national security professionals that outlines policy measures (consisting of bills currently before the United States Congress) that the candidates have pledged to support in the coming election.

Un Plano Responsabile pro Finir le Guerra in Iraq (in anglese: A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq) es un plano de 36 pagines create del gruppo de candidatos pro congresso del Partito Democratic del Statos Unite, pensionate officieros del militare e professionales de securitate national, que contorna politicas (consistite de projectos de lege in le Congresso del Statos Unite) que le candidatos ha spondite supportar in le sequente election.

The plan's stated proposals with respect to Iraq are: to draw down U.S. military involvement in Iraq, develop a permanent nation-building capability in the United States State Department, a large infusion of foreign aid into Iraq, a transfer of responsibility to the international community through dialogue, addressing refugee issues, creation of an independent war crimes tribunal, and funding of education to improve the status of women. Le propositiones del plan super Iraq es: reduce implication del S.U. in Iraq, disveloppar un un permanente capabilitate de construer nationes in le Departimento del Stato del Statos Unite, un grande infusion de adjuta estranie in Iraq, un transferentia de responsabilitate al communitate international per dialogo, adressar problemas de refugiatos, crear de un independente tribunal pro crimines de guerra, e fundar education pro meliorar le stato de feminas.
With respect to American domestic politics, the proposals are to ban Presidential signing statements, require treatment in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and habeas corpus rights for all prisoners, allow potential surveillance targets to sue the government pre-emptively for injunctive relief, prohibit rendition, increase benefits for veterans, reduce defense contracting, and address energy issues.A proposito de american politicas domestic, le propositiones es prohibir presidential declarationes de signatura, exiger tractamento secundo le Conventiones de Geneva e derectos de habeus corpus pro omne prisioneros, permitter potential scopos de surveliantia actionar contra le governamento pro discarga de injunction, prohibir rendition extraordinari, augmentar beneficios pro veteranos, reducer contractares pro defensa, e adressar problemas de energia.

and the image of what it looks like on the front page with the other articles:


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