No more land mines in Mozambique

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My favourite kind of news is this one - where a country with a lot of potential does away with a stumbling block that no country should have to deal with, in this case land mines.

And since this is Moçambique, here's a Portuguese link to the same story.

Moçambique declarou esta quinta-feira que está livre de minas antipessoais, ao fim de mais de duas décadas de um programa de desminagem em todo o país, que era um dos cinco mais ameaçados do mundo por este tipo de engenhos
Mozambique declared itself this Friday free of land mines after more than two decades of a de-mining program throughout the country, which had been one of the five most threatened in the world from these devices.

Apparently there is a special kind of large rat that was trained to find them.


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