Rare find: Die Verrekening van 'n Tydgees in die Vertaling van die Sprokies van Hermann Hesse

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I think this pdf counts as this week or month's most interesting find on the internet, a 150+ page document on translating Hermann Hesse fairy tales from German into Afrikaans.

Translation samples compose perhaps about a fifth of it, showing either Afrikaans or Afrikaans and English. For example:

Eine sang das Lila-Lied, eine sang das dunkelblaue Schlummerlied.
Een sing die lila lied, een sing die donkerblou wiegelied.

Der neue Falter aber, der frohe bunte Vogelblumenschmetterling, das lichte Farbengesicht
Maar die nuwe vlinder, die vrolike bont voëlblomvlinder, die helder kleuregesig

Since forming the past tense in Afrikaans (except for a very few exceptions) takes a bit more space than the shorter vowel changes one finds in strong Germanic verbs, you'll see a lot of this present tense when it is implied or easy to understand. English and other languages have a bit of this too:

1914: World War I begins. Germany and (other countries) engage in long war against (other countries).
1918: World War I ends with casualties numbering X million.
1919: Treaty of Versailles signed. League of Nations formed.

In these cases the past tense just wouldn't fit.


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