Pope's Twitter to add Chinese and Latin

Friday, December 21, 2012

Two new languages are planned for the Pope's Twitter feed, Chinese and Latin. Neither is too much of a surprise in that Chinese is a no-brainer for PR and Latin is basically a must. Latin is particularly nice to see, however, given the lack of places to read and use it. Latin students and revivalists should follow that Twitter account, along with any other 100% Latin Twitter account around.

While we're at it, let's see how the number of Twitter followers has changed since those I wrote on December 7th. Dec 7 numbers will be on the left, today's numbers on the right.

English: 523,000 -- 1,262,000
Spanish: 119,000 -- 483,000
Italian: 62,000 -- 206,000
Portuguese: 20,000 -- 54,000
German: 14,000 -- 40,000
French: 12,000 -- 48,000
Polish: 6,000 -- 21,000
Arabic: 5,000 -- 15,000

All the standings are the same except for French which has moved up one place.


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