Afrikaans native speaker wanted, Italian doesn't want to die in Switzerland, Elvish in German

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three quick things today:

A job posting for a native speaker of Afrikaans. The job is to listen to something in Afrikaans and type it out, and get paid for the amount done. The site advertising the position has an Afrikaans spelling test for those that register for the job, and though I couldn't be bothered to register to take it for fun it could be interesting to do for a serious student of the language, considering how relatively few places there are to use and test oneself in the language.

A lobby for the defense of Italian in Switzerland, article in French. It's about the Gruppo interparlamentare per l'italianità and how it intends to keep Switzerland from being a de facto bilingual country (German / French) by 2020. Italian is the only national language there (except for Romansh) that is spoken less at work than at home, though by just a bit. They show a lot of sympathy for Romansh as well.

An article in German about Elvish, suggested by a helpful comment on the About page. The person interviewed for the article wants to see Elvisth spoken worldwide: „Ich freue mich auf den Tag“, schreibt Lucia dazu, „an dem Quenya oder Sindarin auf der ganzen Welt gesprochen wird.“


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