Jeju-do doesn't have nearly enough Chinese interpreters

Monday, August 13, 2012

From here in Korean:

While Chinese tourists to Jeju-do are rapidly increasing, the number of tour guide interpreters is woefully insufficient.

A study released on the 6th of August showed that according to the number of Chinese tourists to the island there would need to be more than 250 tour guide interpreters to accommodate them. At the moment, however, the number of active interpreters is just 98. With the number of tourists continuing to increase the situation is expected to get even worse.
The next few paragraphs get into how much autonomy Jeju-do has to deal with the situation: as of 2006 it has been able to issue its own qualifications (qualified Chinese tour guide interpreters, for example) but some are worried that this will conflict with similar qualifications issued in the rest of the country. Somebody from Jeju-do who worked hard to get qualified there will later on move to Seoul or elsewhere and won't be recognized, that sort of thing.

It then finishes with the number of Chinese tourists to Jeju-do by year:

2007: 176,878
2008: 174,902
2009: 258,414
2010: 406,164
2011: 570,247

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