Macau looking for Portuguese people to work

Sunday, June 03, 2012

From here in Portuguese:

Macau is looking for Portuguese citizens to work. The multicultural territory continues to give priorities to local citizens, but there are multiple opportunities for foreigners, especially for those who want to escape the crisis or who are unemployed.

They are looking for lawyers due to having laws equal to those in Portugal, but not just this: they also need architects, engineers, specialized technicians and professionals in tourism.

The territory also has a great deal of construction, associated particularly with the hotel and tourist industry.
Perhaps more interesting though are the comments below the article, which can be seen here: pretty much all people looking for work. This is a typical one:
Estou interessado em ir trabalhar para Macau. Como faço para enviar curriculo. Tenho 25 anos e sou formado em restauraçao.


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