Article wonders if decreasing French in Tunisia is something to be worried about

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This article in French addresses the issue, giving some fairly negative numbers but not finishing with a totally negative conclusion. Google Translate handles it here (kind of awkwardly unfortunately), and some interesting numbers are:

In public schools, students begin learning French today at the age of nine years, compared to seven years in the 1970s. The audience share of French television hardly passes 2% to 3% compared to nearly 30% in the 1990s. The Francophone radio station RTCI is at just 1% on average compared to 10% of listeners in 2000. The daily French press, including electronic media, hardly attracts 120,000 readers for a country with almost 11 million inhabitants. Social network exchanges are 60% in Arabic, 20% in French, and 20% in a mixed jargon of Tunisian in Latin letters. And finally, France receives a bit fewer than 100,000 Tunisian visitors with 80,000 visas granted by France, against hundreds of thousands in the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s when visa-free access was the norm.


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