Mind the word is pretty fun. Also a big announcement tomorrow (or the next day)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is my new favourite Google Chrome extension. What it does: you pick the language you usually browse the internet in, and the language you want to learn / are learning now. Then choose a percentage. The extension will then automatically translate that percentage of words into that language. The result: the time you spend reading who knows what (news articles, blog posts, anything else) will now be interspersed with words in this language. Many are awkward, but it doesn't matter: just mouseover a word that you don't know (or can't guess the original English of because the translation is too bad) and you will see the original English, or French, or whatever it is you have chosen.

Choosing German for example will give you this:

I had chosen a 20% translation ratio, with words three letters and under not translated.

And what is the big announcement? One hint: Es hat etwas mit Deutsch zu tun. Und: es war ein langes Projekt.


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