Deutsche Welle's German language courses get some attention from Slate

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This was a nice surprise: an article in Slate written a few days ago about, of all things, Deutsche Welle's online German language courses (one of my favourite subjects). The title: An Invisible Woman Taught Me German. That invisible woman is the invisible Kobold Ex from Deutsch - Warum Nicht?, still my favourite course of them all.

The article does mention Radio D but fails to mention that it really sucks in comparison to other Deutsche Welle fare, and on page 2 is a preview of something new:

At Deutsche Welle's Bonn offices, Kasraeian gave me a preview of a snazzy Flash-animated learning program rolling out later this year. A man wakes up in Germany trapped in a Groundhog Day-style time loop, doomed to repeat the same day until he learns German. The graphics and story are delightfully weird and cheeky, proof that DW isn't abandoning its commitment to the bizarre.

That looks really interesting. I assume it'll end up something like Mission Berlin.


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