People's Daily Online adds (South) Korean, now its eighth language

Sunday, October 02, 2011

From here in Korean:

People's Daily Online, the official newspaper of China's Communist Party, has begun a Korean version of its site. Up to now it has had the languages English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, and North Korean (조선어).

What's unfortunate about this is that the languages are not synchronized like one finds with Euronews or Setimes, so for anyone who is interested in the difference between South and North Korean it won't be possible to just put two articles side by side to quickly scan for differences and similarities.

See the North Korean site here and South Korean one here.

The two are really just differing standards of more or less the same language, kind of like German vs. Austrian German, and looking at the North Korean version it isn't even be obvious that this is a North Korean version until a few sentences in. This title for example:

통전부,화교판공실 등 기관에서 련합으로 국경초대회

The only difference is the word 련합 (alliance, coalition), which is 연합 in South Korea.

Spoken North vs. South Korean of course is very different, to the extent that North Korean escapees have to undergo quite a bit of training to sound like South Koreans before they can live there inconspicuously. Also a lot of training on bank machines, internet in the South, and everything else one needs to learn in order to not stand out.


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