Trade between China and Portuguese language countries grows 25% from the first half of 2010 to 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An article in Portuguese today, kind of an update to my last post on the same subject about half a year ago. Note that the numbers are quite different this time - this one is about half a year of trade while last time it compared monthly volume. Also, it turns out that the source article from the last post on this subject is now gone.

Trade between China and Portuguese language countries increased 25% in the first half of the year compared to the first half of 2010, to $52.2 billion of trade. Statistics released from Macau show Chinese purchases from Portuguese language countries reaching $34.7 billion, 19.7% more than the same period last year. Sales from China to these countries increased by 38% to $17.5 billion. Brazil remains China's principal trade partner here with trade volume of $36.7 billion, 39% more than last is Angola with total trade at $13.16 billion, down 2.1%. Third is Portugal at $1.86 billion, 22.7% more than last year.


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