Best languages to know for employment in Spain

Saturday, July 23, 2011

An article here in Spanish goes into detail on that. The article claims that 27% of job offerings in Spain ask for knowledge of another language, a decrease from about 34% last year. 72% of these job offers require English, and French has increased by one point to 8.5%. Other languages have also increased, and Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Romanian, Polish, Russian and Czech all together make up 14.17%.

One part of this particular to Spain is the value of knowing regional languages (Catalan, Basque, etc.). This of course depends on the region and so the only thing that can be said here is that if you know a regional language when working in said region then yes, you will have more job opportunities than otherwise. No surprise there.

The value of these languages in their own region differs though: in Catalonia Catalan makes up 38.38%, in Basque Country Basque makes up 18.57%, in the Balearic Islands Catalan is 9.09%, in Galacia Galician is 8.84%, in Valencian Community (Comunidad Valenciana) Valencian is 6.88%. Not much of a surprise here as Catalan and Basque are well known for being assertively (aggressively? depends on who you ask) promoted in their respective regions.


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