Quebec's plan for immigration from 2012 to 2015: 50 000 immigrants per year

Monday, April 18, 2011

An article here in French details Quebec's plans for immigration over the next few years. In spite of being completely surrounded by English-speaking regions (besides New Brunswick, maybe the north of Maine too) Quebec has one advantage in that there are a great many French-speaking countries throughout the world with populations that wouldn't mind the opportunity to move to Quebec and work there, so the ratio of French speakers can easily be maintained with a good immigration policy.

Some of the article:

Quebec's Minister of Immigration Kathleen Weil said that she believes Quebec could be able to take in 200 000 immigrants by 2015. In 2010 Quebec welcomed 54 000 immigrants, and the Charest government has considerably increased the volume of immigration since 2007. In comparison with this, 35 500 new immigrants were admitted to Quebec in 2001, and by 2015 the number should be around 50 000.

The seven points for Quebec's immigration plans until 2015 are:

1: Bring skilled labourers to 50%
2: Maintain a majority of immigrants that know French
3: Increase the level of French among qualified labour candidates
4: Keep the rate of workers under 35 years at 65% to 75%
5. I'm not 100% sure about this one but I think it means it doesn't want more than 30% of the total immigrants in any one area - in other words it doesn't want them all settling in Montreal. Correction: this refers to countries of origin, not where immigrants would settle in Quebec, so no more than 30% from one defined region of the world. Thanks to a poster for the correction.
6. Maintain a rate of 65% economic immigration
7. Have a stabilization in the rate of immigration, working out to 50 000 per year


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