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Friday, March 25, 2011

Just set up a quick poll on the right that again allows for multiple answers, on how you see our progress in space. I tried to come up with as many options as I could for a poll of this type, but have very likely missed out on a few options. The ones I've come up with are:

- Things are going at just about the right pace.
- We spend far too little on space.
- We spend too much on space and should concentrate more on fixing things here on Earth first.
- Sending people into space is a waste of money and we should be only sending robotic probes / building telescopes.
- Smaller / medium-sized countries don't do nearly as much as they should in space.
- I fear that at this rate I won't make it into space before I die.
- Private companies are going to completely change the way we do things in space.
- We spend too much on probes and telescopes and should focus on sending humans.
- We need to bite the bullet and set up permanent colonies on the Moon / Mars / an asteroid / etc.
- With extrasolar earths and possible brown dwarfs nearby, we're on the verge of a breakthrough in the way we view space.


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