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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I came across another site yesterday that is quite useful for reading and listening to languages - it's called Wordproject.org and is another multilingual Bible site. The best site by far for comparing a large number of translations side by side is Unbound Bible, but this one also has a few advantages, namely:

- Some of the translations also have recorded audio, so you can listen and follow along as well. But more important for students of Chinese:
- There are three Chinese editions (plus audio), simplified Chinese, traditional, and...pinyin!
- The Hindi edition has a transliterated version as well.

This means that when they are put side by side it ends up looking like this:

with the English translation on the left, Chinese in the middle, pinyin on the right. See it for yourself here:


For Chinese it doesn't get any better than that.

Of course, the student of Chinese has the luxury of a ton (virtually unlimited) of other resources too with Chinese characters, pinyin and audio, such as the language courses here.

Hindi is a much harder language to find resources for so the pages here:


are probably the most unique resource. Unfortunately there is no audio for Hindi. Edit: Just took another look and there is audio for Hindi, for the New Testament only. Looks like a lot of the languages there have NT audio but no OT. Good enough.

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