Finished an Icelandic - English Anki deck

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Two days after my first Anki deck (a collection of flashcards for the Anki spaced repetition memorization program) I've finished an Icelandic deck as well, as doing a search online for shared decks there was nothing at all for Icelandic. That means a search will now turn up this one result:

The Afrikaans deck I uploaded two days ago has been downloaded five times, so not a great deal of interest in Afrikaans it would seem. We'll find out soon enough if Icelandic is more or less popular than Afrikaans.

I wrote in the last post that Icelandic would take a long time to do because I usually need Abctajpu on Firefox to type in it, but it turns out that the international Dvorak keyboard layout I have doesn't just type accented characters using dead keys, but can also do so using the right alt key, and the Icelandic þ and ð are included. I use Google Chrome about 90% of the time already, and this will increase that by a bit more..

The Sambahsa deck is also going well, should be done in a day or two. No accented characters there so it's a breeze.

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