La Complainte de Sally (Sally's Song)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Aside from the Nightmare Before Christmas songs already translated into English I mentioned here, all the others with the French lyrics below are easy to find, and Sally's Song is the easiest of all. The hardest (but quite fun) is certainly this one, Oogie Boogie Blues. He's voiced in the film by Richard Darbois who also did Batman and the Genie in Aladdin, among a bazillion other roles. A quick search on YouTube will turn up examples of role after role he's done the voice for over the decades.

Il y a une ombre dans le vent... -- There's a shadow in the wind
Je crois qu’une tragédie m’attend... -- I think/believe a tragedy is waiting for me
Comment lui avouer comme je l’aime -- How can I confess to him how I love him
Sans lui faire part de mes problèmes ? -- Without making him part of my problems?
Le pire est encore à venir... -- The worst is yet to come...

Sait-il que pour lui je donnerais ma vie ? -- Does he know that I would give my life for him?
Je rêve souvent qu’il m’aime éperdument... -- I dream often that he loves me madly
Même si c’est un tourment -- Even if it's a torment

Que deviendra mon bon ami ? -- What will happen (to) my good friend?
Où nous conduira sa folie ? -- Where will his madness/folly lead us?
Autour de moi, tout le monde l’acclame -- Around me, everyone cheers
Mais je brûle d’une tout autre flamme -- But I burn with an entirely different flame
Parfois, la vie me semble un drame -- Sometimes life to me seems like a drama

Saura-t-il un jour m’offrir son amour ? -- Will he be able one day to offer me his love?
Saurai-je lui plaire ? Ce n’est pas mon destin -- Will he be able to like me? (lit. will I be able to please him) That is not my destiny
Et je l’espère... En vain -- And I hope... in vain

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