33.76% of employment listings in Spain ask for foreign language proficiency

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here's an article in Spanish from today on how often one finds foreign language proficiency as a requirement in a job in Spain - out of a total of 205,540 job offers analyzed, 33.76% of them required proficiency in a language other than Spanish.

The most required language was naturally English which made up 74% of the total, meaning a total of 1 in 4 job offers had English as a requirement. The next language was French which came in at 7.28% (had to go to this article to find the exact number for French though), followed by German at 4.52%. There was also an increase of less traditional languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Czech, and Japanese.

The articles go into much more detail on which parts of Spain require which languages and in which industry, so they may be worth taking a closer look at if you think they might be personally relevant.

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