New Brunswick may construct second nuclear plant with French Areva

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Read about it here in English and here en français. New Brunswick (where both my parents went to university) has always been an interesting province for being the only officially bilingual one, and having a second nuclear plant would be especially interesting for a province with such a tiny population, just 750,000. The first nuclear power plant constructed in the province is the Point Lepreau generating station, finished in 1983. At 640 MW and 370 homes per megawatt that works out to 170000 households per year for the existing one, so one would think that a second plant would make the province a net generator of power...and yes, that seems to be the case as this article also mentions demand in other parts of Atlantic Canada and the northeastern US for the energy that would be sold. An election will be held in NB in a few months though, so we'll also have to wait and see what sort of government is in place after that.

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