The difference between Western and Eastern Armenian

Friday, July 16, 2010

Came across three videos today that are probably the best example of how Eastern and Western Armenian differ. The first one is simply an explanation of the two given in English, and the main differences are that Eastern Armenian is closer to Classical Armenian (and English is well if you look at the examples) while Western Armenian has been reduced, whereas Western Armenian phonology is usually more complex and thus more similar to Classical. Armenian in Iran, however, retains the larger phonology and more complex writing.

The other two videos are two versions of a video that seems to be a standard explanation of Christian theology, which has been translated into a ton of languages but also both versions of Armenian. So to compare the two simply start playing and then pause both, then unpause them one sentence at a time and listen to the differences. Unfortunately the two videos are not perfectly aligned, but every time the image changes they line up again for a while.

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