Ny i Norge (New in Norway, a textbook for foreigners learning Norwegian)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Found another good document on Scribd that is worth sharing:

Ny i Norge Tekstbok

This is a textbook entirely in Norwegian, and is worth taking a look at. Norwegian is quite easy to learn compared to other languages but there are a few tricky parts that a good textbook should account for, and this one does. Those are:

1) Words not pronounced exactly as written. Norwegian is more phonetic than English but not entirely, and a good textbook should note where this differs. In the glossary at the back of the book it makes sure to include their pronunciation. Thus Thus og has [å], deg is [dæi], and selvfølgelig is [selfolgeli]. There are other marks there too to indicate stress and vowel length.

2) Three vs. two genders. Words in the glossary show are written in both their feminine and common forms (ei/en jenta). The rest of the book has been written with only the feminine forms which would have been a negative, but someone has crossed them out in blue and written in the common forms in their place so thanks to whoever did that. The feminine gender is something that should be ignored in the beginning by teachers except for noting how you'll often see -a at the end of words instead of -en for the definite article, and that more rarely one will see ei instead of en or et.

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