New Page F30 reader poll: what do you think of the large French / Latin etc. influence on the English language?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For a quick introduction to how English first began to differ from other Germanic languages, see here.

As you can see on the right there are only four options: 1) It's too bad because English used to be part of a Germanic dialect continuum and no longer is; 2) Too bad the Romance influence stopped halfway because a bit more might have made it a virtual honorary member of the Romance family; 3) It makes English what it is nowadays so no problem (or some other similar answer expressing approval), and 4) Other.

I'm not sure many have given this subject much thought so I've given the poll a bit more time than usual. Option 1) is probably the opinion of most of the users of the Anglish Moot, #2 I'm not sure about but perhaps one could make that argument since if English had had even more Romance influence both North and South America would be almost entirely linguistically unified.

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