Google now includes multilingual keyboard on search page in other languages

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Doing a search for moğolca (Mongolian) in Turkish to see if there was any news on the language, I came across this article about a new feature Google has unrolled where a keyboard can be seen next to the search bar in other language versions of Google (Turkish, Serbian, Georgian, dozens of others). An English article on the same topic can be seen here too.

To try it for yourself see here for Google in Mongolian, which now has a tiny keyboard to the right. This is actually pretty long overdue and I've always wondered why Google has never had an option like this, but late is better than never.

What it still doesn't have though is the ability to recognize keystrokes in other languages. If you go to a site like Naver and don't have a Korean keyboard, no problem - it recognizes what you are trying to type and turns it into Korean as long as it's relatively simple. Something like a search for 논현역에서 강남구청역까지 (from Nonhyeon Station to Gangnam-gu Office Station, i.e. a search for subway and bus routes from one place to another) which would involve typing in shsgusdurdptj rkdskarncjddurRkwl is too long, but 논현역 (shsgusdur) will turn up a Korean search result. If Google figures out how to recognize longer strings then it will be ahead of Naver on this one.

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